Crypto Tip Jar

In pursuit of completing this film independently, I turned to cryptocurrencies to raise funds for the whole production and marketing process. With Bitcoin and alt-coins I accumulated over the years, I was able to sustain the past year and focus on finishing the movie. As I exhaust my own crypto to pay for services, much faster than I anticipated if I can add, I am depleting funds originally set aside for film festival submissions and social media advertising costs.

It would be awesome to get some donations so that I can continue to fund production and marketing needs as well as hire up-and-coming talent busting out the seams to express themselves. This is a great way for philanthropic patrons with the wherewithal to have invested in cryptocurrencies years ago to enable artists like me to remain vanguard.

All cryptocurrencies received will be dedicated to paying for auxiliary costs associated with operations, marketing, production, and distribution of new merchandise. Please consider supporting. All and any satoshis appreciated!

Thank you in advance!