Listen to the first episode of Love Letter Templates – The Podcast. In this episode, I talk about updates regarding the film festival journey, copyright clearances, machine language translation challenges, professional feedback, upcoming guests, and new collaborators. Check it out!

Episode 1: Keep Your Head Up – Eyes On The Prize
  • New podcast intro
  • How to deal with online trolls and rejection letters
  • Festival updates
  • ARXR content marketing strategy
  • UX challenges
  • Copyright challenges
  • Professional feedback
  • Upcoming industry guests and new collaborators
  • Translations and localization updates
  • Recap and plan of action

As a token of thanks to subscribers and true Demented fans, please enjoy these MP3 downloads of the original Demented Demos, We Call It Quits (1988) and Mind Find Project (1989). These original recordings were salvaged from old cassette demos uncovered from a flood so there were water and mold damage that made the recording sound very…vintage. Enjoy!

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