Distribution Stagnant

I’ve taken a long enough break and picked up some overdue tasks for this movie. I passed the distribution efforts to an independent distribution channel called FilmHub, and although it was really promising in the beginning—everything was free—they took a bigger cut in the backend, and they had multiple channels but no news on when it launches and how to monitor it, so advertising for it became cumbersome and costly. I really only need Amazon Prime Video, and they’re taking so long to process it to make it available on-demand that it’s been hell waiting for it.

I decided to register my movie directly to Amazon and currently uploading over the weekend. Once it gets through, I’ll be able to promote it finally. The long full length version will be available on Amazon and I will promote the short form series on my own. There will be two short form versions. The one available on the site will be those pertaining to Metatron. The other version will be those pertaining to Cronos and will only be featured in live screenings.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking of releasing both short form versions in the Philippines with Tagalog overdubs. I met a couple that own their own studio and all the recording can happen there. They also have access to talent so I’ll be casting and creative directing along with them all over again so this should be fun. If you or anyone you know are interested in being part of this next phase somehow, just message me directly on any of the socials. Yippers!

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