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I haven’t posted much since the distributor took over the marketing of the film and I am really at a disarray since the process have no transparency. I’ve been waiting for the film to go live on Amazon Prime and, although they’ve had it since September, the movie still hasn’t shown up in their queries. Meanwhile, Brazil Play and Mometu (another free streaming platform) have already been showing it so go to Mometu and search “Love Letter Templates” to watch the full-length film in its entirety. You can click here:

Additionally, I’ve decided to show 8 of the 13 chapters for free online. Friends and viewers can now watch the first half of the movie in parts by going to a page dedicated for that chapter. I decided to do this in part because of impatience but also to get my music out there. Posting my own music on YouTube keeps getting tagged for copyright violations by the distribution label and ads end up interrupting the short form episodes so I decided to show it on my own site for people to watch and enjoy. Should anyone want to watch the rest of the movie, they can do that by streaming it on Mometu or Amazon Prime, when it becomes available.

I’m now working on my next movie but will continue to promote this film and the soundtrack, as it lays out the foundation of my next project, which will be another animation. I’ll also pick up where I left off on the comic book, which took a hiatus after losing my illustration partner who, oddly, disappeared before the Roxie Cinema screening. The comic book is still in production and will be re-scoped for release next year. Part of my discouragement is that there were other comic book projects attached to films that were all being promoted at the same time and I didn’t want to a) compete and, b) be associated with those ethno-centric mainstream titles that I found to be full of cliche and too generic for my own taste. I wasn’t trying to compete but I also didn’t want to be overshadowed again so I quietly put it in the back burner and will release it in due time.

All things considered, I’m so happy that the movie is now getting eyes on it from several directions. I am adamant that my audience is out there somewhere and that the stories I tell, in the way that I tell, will have its time to shine. Thank you all for supporting and please go watch parts of the movie now! Go to Watch Now on the website and select a chapter from the pull-down menu. You will have to enter your age to view the available episodes. If it asks for a password, shoot me a message on I’ll send you one. Thank you!!

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