Prime Time + Special Screening

Hells yeah!! Amazon Prime Video selected the movie for distribution on the VOD platform and it will go live in the next 12 weeks!! WOOOOOOTTT!!!!! ANOTHER MILESTONE!

I won’t know the exact date it will go live. Amazon doesn’t alert for that. Instead, I just have to keep checking until it shows up on search queries. Once it does show up, I will need to game the algos and get all my friends that care to search and watch the film to leave a rating. That will be the best thing anyone can do for me. I won’t see much money from this but it will push the movie up for Recommended Movies and, hopefully, I can get some kudos that way.

I also noticed that another platform selected the film. I figured this would happen once Amazon selects. I’ll have to see if more will follow but I’m happy to be picked by any of these platforms. I will time the release of the graphic novel with the film going live. I noticed that it became trendy in the Fil-Am scene to have a graphic novel nowadays so I decided to hold off and let the shallow trendiness subside. Although my target audience and topics are not the same, I still don’t want to be lumped in with all them unnecessarily as it would dilute the authenticity of mine. I’ve been working on it for over a decade and I’m careful with how the subject matter is told, versus getting a comic book out there ahead of others for personal satisfaction. It’s too important to rush.

I decided to do a special screening of the film once the movie is out on Amazon. It will be an intimate affair and may be an invite only event. I plan to feature other Filipino American independent artists that tackle subjects NOT about cultural, political, or sexual identity. I would like to give a hand to other Fil-Am indie storytellers who are deserving of praise but have little to no support from organizations like Bindlestiff or CAAM. If you know of anyone like that, please do link me with them. If you are Fil-Am and have a short film you made that has nothing to do with being Filipino, please contact me and let’s collaborate!

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