Amazon Yes! Tubi No…

Great news! Love Letter Templates was selected by Amazon Prime Video for channel distribution consideration! That means they selected it to review and they can still reject it like Tubi did but I am hopeful that they will take it and be available before my birthday this year on September 30th. Nevertheless, something told me to check the status of distribution channels and saw that Amazon had already selected it about two weeks ago. This is an important step, although as someone who’s experienced rejection after rejection, I take it with a grain of sugar and will wait to cross the finish line before doing any dance.

The music video has been posted on YouTube and has been quietly waiting for me to start on another campaign push. Now that I’ll be anticipating an Amazon release, I’ll be making some video ads to promote it on Amazon as a way to drive traffic and get noticed by their algorithms. Look for some residual content associated with the movie in the coming month!

Watch the music video on the front page if you haven’t already!

Love Letter Templates

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