Always Never + Indie Distro

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted and it seems that I’ll be posting less frequently until I get confirmations from streaming channels that my movie was purchased for streaming. When I first submitted my film to the distribution platform, they altered the images I created to fit their submission guidelines but I was completely shocked with the quality of the graphics! It was out of brand and I was really taken aback as to why anyone would alter the graphics for the movie instead of just rejecting the assets and have me do it again. Instead, the rep for the platform decided he wanted to make graphics for my movie himself?? I complained to him and set up a Zoom meeting to fix it but the dude cancelled on the minute of our meeting like a total pro. I was so pissed!

The following week, he messaged me to say that any changes I request at this point will cost me $50 and I was like, ‘Oh hell nah!’ First the guy messed with my graphics then flaked on our meeting, now he wants to charge me for changes?? I was infuriated so I went on LinkedIn to search his name, found him, then looked at this post activity, found out he just started 3 months prior and included his new boss on his post. I messaged her and told her what happened like a real Karen. Lo and behold, he messages and tells me that he’ll waive the charge and fix the issue, thanks to his manager’s direction. Sometimes, being a Karen is the best thing to do. Just let their managers deal with them.

But now, the movie has been sitting idle on the queue and there hasn’t been any channels that picked it up for streaming. I was told I have to wait up to several months. I guess I’ll be patient for now. Meanwhile, I will be releasing the official music video for A Lesson In Trust, featured on the soundtrack album. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the Like button because every single thing counts. Thank you!!

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