Two Yard Line+Next Steps

I finally got around to submitting the movie for QC. This is the last step before it goes live on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, iTunes Movies, Redbox, iMDB, and select other platforms that will be willing to stream this without the MPAA rating. I couldn’t pay for the NC-17 label but the movie will now live as an unrated adult animation drama until I do.

I opted to do it independently so as to close the loop on this whole DIY project. I was approached by a sales agent in Los Angeles, asking me to retain him for $5000 with the promise to sign me for only 10%, typically 25%, supposedly. The contracts he will go after are at $100,000 so I would only owe him another $5000 on the back end. Sounds fair, right? Umm. No.

When the movie was screened in Tucson, I befriended the festival director there who also worked for a film distribution company. He told me that asking for a retainer is scummy Hollywood stuff. Instead, I should just skip the agent and pay myself $5000 to go through the process and send it to a central distributor myself and keep the 10%. That’s exactly what I did!

I finally got the QC results and the movie passed! That means channels can start delivering them. I did notice a few things though. The graphics for the movie were tampered. The platform rejected my graphics and someone from in-house just whipped something else up. It’s not brand but I’ll find out if I have a choice. I also forgot to submit the trailer. DUH!! I totally forgot. I guess there won’t be a trailer for it unless I pay to update it. Anyways, I got this far so I better do it right.

I’ll find out whether Amazon Prime and Apple TV will stream this title in the next few months. For now, I will be sunsetting direct links to private screenings except for those who received NFT keys. Those will live for as long as there is an internet.

I’m almost done with the comic book and will be updating everyone about that soon!

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