Bitch Talk Podcast Interview+Derby Jackets!!

Hey y’all! I was interviewed a few weeks back right before the SF IndieFest screening by Bitch Talk Podcast, hosted by two AAPI sisters that spent time living here in San Francisco back in the early 00s. They screened the movie ahead of time and gave it some good reviews. I wanted to thank them here for having me on their show. They seemed very familiar to me and I think I did spend time partying with them back then. Check out the podcast episode featuring the interview here:

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Derby’s of San Francisco

I went and visited the Derby’s store on Haight Street the other week to show them the graphic novel strips that feature characters in original Derby jackets. In the comic book, I go a bit deeper into the relevance of the SF iconic attire worn by certain neighborhoods. I give a bit more context into it based on urban legends I held growing up in the Sunset and Mission district.

Strip from the graphic novel, Spare Change.
Classic paisley interior

The young lady working at the shop took a liking to my story and suggested I cross advertise with them on their blog, which I might do. I told her that I will show them the full thing so that they can have a better idea of how I represent their brand. They have rebuilt themselves into a classic brand and I reflect on it from the perspective of white punks on dope. I was happy to hear back that they were down for that too. I look forward to working with them in the near future, another dream come true!

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