Now Showing Online+Afterparty Updates

SF IndieFest is now showing the movie online on their event stream happening now until end of the week! Click on the image below to take you there. It only costs $10 to support SF IndieFest, a non-profit organization that supports independent filmmakers keep indie films alive in San Francisco. I’m stoked to support it myself and their slot of films are real tops!

Click image to watch the movie on SF IndieFest Online now

I was walking from Roxie Theater the other day after checking to see if they’ve put the movie poster up yet. I was hoping, but they haven’t. Instead of turning back, I decided to walk over to Zeitgeist to have a beer instead. On the way, I saw someone who made a cameo in the movie 15 years ago! His name is Ronnie Buders and he’s an amazing “muralist” here in San Francisco, having tagged numerous murals all over the city throughout the 2000’s up to now. I was so stoked to see him and let him know that the movie is out! He was able to reconnect me with another person from the party days who made a cameo AND help promote the party shoot at Rickshaw in 2005. Her name is Rosie and I couldn’t find her for the life of me because I didn’t know her last name. She goes by Rose Eden now and it turns out she is the editor for Broke Ass Stuart’s Style column so she said she’s coming to write about what people were wearing. I told her don’t lol. She’ll be at the afterparty and will most likely take photos so come to the party anyways!

I wasn’t able to hook up turntables and a mixer for the party. I was just too busy. Instead, I’m gonna keep it easy and pull together a killer playlist and drink specials for the schmoozers. That’s okay, right? Someone said I should be talking to people and schmooze since everyone is expecting that. I’m pretty sure most people will be like, “ummm…I didn’t get it.” Lol

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