Almost There+SF IndieFest Q&A!!

With the advent of finding the Unknown Actor, Ashon Martin, I was able to complete the credits for the movie and transcode it into a Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format with 5.1 surround audio files for the movie premiere at the Roxie. This wasn’t an easy task. Most film houses send their large format video exports to a post-production house that specifically create DCP packages, the format required by most movie theaters, for $800 to $1200, last I checked. I had to create one and had no choice. So, in the spirit of being truly DIY-or-die, I hit the interwebs to figure out how to do it myself. Luckily, I was able to using Davinci Resolve and a free open source app DCP-o-matic to do the final transcode after several failed attempts.

The final transcode, an overnight render, came out to 180 GB so I needed to either pay for a cloud drive service or hand deliver it in a drive. I did just that and met the technician at Roxie name Lex, who explained to me more technical details for the proper projection of the movie. Imagine working on something for twenty years, then doing all the ground work and late nights to prep for the movie premiere and the file doesn’t play. That would be devastating so I made sure I got it there in time to test. I’ll be hearing from them by tomorrow to find out if all is good or if I need to do it all over again.

Lex showing me the industry 4k projector technical specifications

Before I left, I asked if I could put up my movie poster before the festival. Normally, they put them up only on the day of the showing but they sometimes fill space up with upcoming shows. I showed her my augmented reality movie poster that I used in Tucson, Arizona and Lex was impressed enough to suggest that I drop it off sometime and they will personally look for space when the chance comes. I thought that was nice.

I modified the new poster to reflect new awards and made the video simpler to make it easier to load in the app needed to view the AR content. To print the poster costs about $60 but I found a print shop to do it for $50 so I hope it turns out nice. I plan to frame it, of course, but I hope I see it on the display at the Roxie.

SF IndieFest Q&A

We recorded an interview for the online stream and post screening instead of holding a live Q&A. I guess this was a good idea since some folks are still uncomfortable being in closed spaces with many other people. We recorded about 35 minutes but I requested to edit it down after feeling concerned about one answer I gave to a question I didn’t want to answer. I was asked about my friend who committed suicide and was reluctant to answer but when the interviewer asked what his name was, I spat it out and regretted it right after. I wanted to edit it out and found the 35 minute interview very long and full of my babbling about stuff that had nothing to do with the question. I was talking too much so I cut it down to focus on the actors and the most important things I had to say. It came out to 15 minutes and you can watch it here:

Advance tickets to the live showing and online stream is now available on the SF IndieFest event site for $10 ($14 at door). I’m urging friends that plan to attend the screening to get tickets ahead of time since there are only 47 available seats. I can comp anyone who worked on the film, cast or crew, just hit me up. For everyone else, I want to encourage supporting SF IndieFest. They truly do help make dreams come true. Mine for sure.

Please help me put the word out by sharing the movie and afterparty flyer to trusted friends as well as on your news feeds. I would appreciate it so much!!

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