It Comes Full Circle+Unknown Actor Found!!

Movie Showing and Afterparty Flyer

Back in 2002, I stumbled back toward the back room at the bar on 16th and Albion after realizing the music being played wasn’t the jukebox but a DJ, as someone corrected me. Right when I stepped in the smoke filled room, the song Surrender by Cheap Trick came on and it blew my mind to see a girl with pitch black hair behind the decks on the platform. I looked around and everyone had dyed black hair. I was at some kind of MySpace vortex, I thought. Then the next record hit. It was Don’t Stop Believin’. I used to hate that Journey song but, all of a sudden, I found myself singing along with the whole room because, even then, we knew we were having the time of our lives. That bar was Delirium.

I tried setting up a show at The Rickshaw but it just didn’t come together. They wanted a bar guarantee for a Wednesday during the pandemic and I really had to struggle with scaling down but I did. SF IndieFest director preferred Delirium since it was only a few doors away. He was pleased that I put it together. It makes better sense to just keep it easy after the screening.

Working with the bartender, Sheau-Wa (I love that name!), was real easy too. She gave me a jello shot before we spoke and I was totally jello for whatever after that! She hosts Wednesday metal nights and have rotating DJ’s so I asked if I can DJ that night and the movie yada-yada so she was totally cool with opening up the back room and setting up some turntables for punk and metal records. But! Get this. I’ll be playing stuff like The Damned, Siouxsie, Ministry, and Cocteau Twins too! So come to the movie showing (if you are cootie free) and have a drink after at Delirium because I know you’ll have questions. The movie is fairly complex.

Advanced tickets for streaming are now available on the SF IndieFest Event site.

Here’s the direct link to my page:

Unknown Actor Identified

Ashon Martin

I was randomly on the Birthday notification section of Facebook the other day and caught a glimpse of a profile that looked like this guy. He had a birthday the other day and his name rang a bell right away. I clicked on his profile to make sure and, sure enough, it was. Another Ex’pression student posted a happy birthday note on his profile even though he hasn’t posted anything for over a year. I was SOOOO ELATED!!! I messaged him right away and still waiting for his response.

The first thing I did after writing him was fix the movie credits. The movie is now fully complete.

  • 12 FPS conversion: done
  • 5.1 Surround Mix: done
  • French subtitles: done
  • Final credits: done!
  • DCP Format for theatrical screening: HOLY CRAP NOT DONE

My next big task, the most critical task that needs to happen or all is for naught, is to get a Digital Cinema Package done by next week so I can test it before hand. This is no easy task and typically costs filmmakers $800-$1200 to have it done professionally. I’m going to pay myself to do it for $500 since I’ve never done it before. Wish me luck!!

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