SF IndieFest Universal Premiere+NFT movie keys!!

We have a date confirmation for SF IndieFest! Love Letter Templates will be showing on Wednesday, February 9, 2022 in Little Roxie. Showtime is still TBD but mark your calendars! There will be a Q&A and we will have a casual screening after party at Delirium and Beauty Bar.

I am also talking with folks at The Rickshaw Stop about throwing an official SF IndieFest Afterparty with DJ’s and a live band. There are some reluctance due to the omicron threat so stay tuned about that. I do hope to pull a show together and make it all worthwhile.

SXSW2022 notified that the film did not make the second round considerations. I’m glad to find out early enough because I really am happy with making the SF IndieFest screening my universal premiere and plan to release the film to the public after the festival. Although the movie is still in festival considerations throughout 2022, the big festivals that require the film to be unavailable online have all responded. I opted not to pursue Tribeca or RainDance and will, instead, release the film independently.

Now that the major milestone is set for February, I’ve started producing some digital and material artwork to support the movie. I’ve created music video NFTs to use as part of the campaign to promote the movie soundtrack to a whole new audience. I recently dropped the music video NFT for A Lesson In Trust that also contain a 50% download discount of the full album on Bandcamp. I’ve also created a set of movie key NFTs for each chapter with hidden links and passwords to view it online. I plan to create 10 of these at a time to test if this may be a viable way to monetize the movie while keeping the movie free online.

You can see the NFTs here: http://opensea.io/joselitosering

I also know that there are many folks who don’t know much about what NFTs are and what they have heard tend to be misunderstandings of what it is and what it can be used for. For now, I am utilizing them as an exclusive access key that also function as a digital art collectible. This is all for fun and target a niche audience that this movie would be exposed to otherwise. I’m not sure if this is all a waste of time but I’m having fun and inspired to create. I hope you like what I make!

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