Falling Into Place vs Falling Into Pieces + LA Punk Film Festival This Weekend!!


The dust from the Arizona desert is finally settling and I’m back on the grind to push this movie to its next leg of kick-assery. I’m stoked about the online screening we just had and was able to also absorb some hard criticisms from viewers who didn’t like the movie or was confused by it. I explained to one friend who thought it was too long that they can watch it like a book by reading it chapter by chapter. Or watch it as a series. But, just like a book, if you’re trying to read while doing other things, of course it can get confusing.

Then, I realized I should maybe separate them into modules so people can arrange the story the way it makes better sense. I was smoking a fat joint while thinking about this btw but I remembered how to code it in Flash Actionscript. Let me think about that some more.

The same day I receive the rejection letter from Toronto After Dark Film Festival, I get a phone call directly from the festival director at the LA Punk Film Festival about the movie and wanted to personally call me to tell me how much she really liked the film. I was elated to hear someone say the things she did on that call so I am pleased to share their official selection for this year’s virtual and private screening in Los Angeles this weekend!

I wasn’t able to get off work to attend the event but I believe there will be a DIY style red carpet in Los Angeles. Pandemic woes got the worst of the event plans, however, so I opted to attend the virtual screening instead. I would like to support independent underground artists also so I am excited to be considered for this even though the film itself is more of a heavy metal electronica bend. The director can see the roots of my DIY aesthetic and was also intrigued with my involvement in the punk/metal scene in San Francisco during the 80’s, something I rarely talk about since it was my homeless runaway drug addict child days.

I’m always open to meet new friends and other indie filmmakers since there are only a few people who truly understand the heavy undertaking movie making can be for us DIY guys.

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