Screening Success Stats & Fail Points + Comic Book Launch

Thank you everyone who signed up and watched the special online birthday screening of the feature length version of the film last Thursday/Friday. Friends from all over the planet was able to catch it and, as the analytics showed, the average view for visits were 3x (that means as some people stopped watching halfway, others watched it over and over).

These stats do not include the late viewers on Friday and Saturday but I was able to get some feedback directly from some friends instead of on the comments.

Most important was that some folks trailed off watching the movie because it was either “too long” or “too confusing”. I totally get that. That group account for less than 5% of the viewers. Some people suggested I make a shorter cut. There actually is one. But, for those who did watch the feature length movie, all 13 chapters, the feedback has been deep and validating. The majority of the viewers watched the film more than 3 times (completion rate is +1hr/views).

I want to remind some people that this film is not a commercial movie and does not follow conventional movie making norms so I am really grateful when some people are able to crossover and see the multidimensional storyline embedded in the film’s underlying plot.

I realize some folks missed the deadline and signed up after the cut off. Some of those people received a temporary password that extended over to Saturday. The film is now exclusively on the festival circuit and limiting its availability is necessary for consideration in some of the most prestigious festivals. The one festival this matters most is SF Indie Fest, so I am restricting views of the film for award consideration and invite only.

I am revisiting the comic book layout project now that the premiere screening is done. I’ve set the clock to run out on on November 11, 2021 as the completion date for the augmented comic book. I’m looking for some people interested in being involved in this so reach out to me directly or leave a comment on this post and I’ll connect with you about it soon.

Thank you all!

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