Down The Funnel + Rejection Letters

Thank you for watching the film! I can see that not everyone opened the link I sent so I’m going to keep it open until midnight tonight and let some more people in to watch. For those that just signed up, or would like to catch it last minute, here’s my auto-leak:

I’ll close it tonight and that’ll be that for now. My next target is SF IndieFest!!

I’m so overwhelmed with all the interest and support from friends and fans, friendly fans, and fanny friends! The movie is getting lots of attention so, naturally, there are negative feedback that come along with the ride. In particular, I received the rejection letter from Toronto After Dark Film Festival, a set of laurels I really wanted to have. There were two emails. The first one explained that over 1000 films were submitted but only 10 made the feature length spot. Mine was not selected. I was really bummed. But I was also relieved!

It is humbling. With all the popular attention and ego boosting moments I’ve been experiencing lately, rejection letters like these remind me that, although I have quite an accomplishment at hand, I can still be better. Do better. Be better. It is humbling, not humiliating, and that’s just what I need to get me to my next level.

Speaking of next level, I’m looking at SXSW 2022. More on that on the podcast. Stay tuned!

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