Movie Theatrical Premiere + We Won Best Cast~!!!

The theatrical premiere at Tucson was an amazing experience! I landed there with very few expectations and really focused on making connections and, beyond imagination, the movie screening was an incredible success!

The Arizona Underground Film Festival team were solid folks and made me feel at home right away. I really appreciated their kindness and honesty. Not only did they treat me out but also introduced me to a side of Tucson that was truly local. I connected with them as fellow artists and will remember Tucson in the best regard.

I was thrilled to see the title of the movie on the marquee and the movie poster on the wall. This may not mean anything to anyone else but it was all I dreamt of for years so I wanted to fly out there and see it with my own eyes. I told myself that even if it was only me in the theater, I will enjoy it as if it’s the first movie I’ve ever watched in a theater. I imagined it years ago and it unfolded in front me. I already felt successful at that point.

Augmented Reality Movie Poster, Tucson

Although the movie started late and the subtitles were cut off at the bottom, it didn’t really matter. There were less than 10 ppl in the theater by the time mine showed (late friday night) but those people that did stay and watch told me they loved it! During the Q&A after the movie, a lady who flew from LA to watch the film engaged in a deeper conversation of the subliminal tone underlying the story. She really understood what I was trying to do!! With her deeper connection to the true message of the film, I felt even more validated! Because of that, I am truly grateful and feel complete.

On my way to The Screening Room, I got an email alert from Cult Movies International Film Festival that we were Officially Selected months before the notification announcement schedule which indicate to me that the movie can advance toward the award ahead of time. Having their laurels will really be helpful in establishing this movie as a cult classic.

The day after the screening, I got the email alert results for the AltFF Awards. This online festival is important in that it is an IMDb qualifying award which means all of the motion picture industry will recognize the indie movie as an award winner for Best Cast which boosts the status of all the actors in the film. We can now say that we are an “AWARD WINNING CAST” and that just sounds awesome.

My special birthday online screening is coming up this Thursday, September 30, and will be available all day for invited friends to watch and/or download. The film version is the one that film festival directors and panelists are looking at and will have English and French subtitles. I will send out the link to the movie page and the password to access the film. I will take it down at midnight and the movie will only be available for viewing at film festivals until Valentine’s Day 2022.

Stay tuned!!

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