We are officially killing it!! + I’m hella nervous

I just got up from a nap before getting ready to shoot over to The Screening Room to schmooze with festival goers and, lo and behold, I get an early notification from Cult Movies International Film Festival that Love Letter Templates was officially selected for the 2021 online festival!! I am very very happy to hear this because today is the premiere matinee of the movie in a theater and news like that are what we should wake up to every afternoon nap.

I had the great chance of meeting up with Emily Rued, star cast and collaborator in Love Letter Templates, and we had a very heart felt high five and off the record talk about how things turned out for us over the years. She’s really a gem and I am honored to have worked with her. She is doing great things both in her professional life and in her artistic endeavors. We had a good interview that I will publish on the podcast once I get back home. Thank you so much, Emily!!!

Emily Rued, Los Angeles, 2021

I am still getting dressed up for the screening and I’m feeling really nervous. I’m not worried about people coming to watch it. I can be by myself in that theater and still be very grateful. I’m nervous because I can feel it coming in the air tonight so hold on (did you just sing that?). I’ve been waiting for this moment all of my life…

Join me.

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