Get Ready, Tucson!!+Feeling Anxious…

Tucson Trailer

The screening at Tucson is coming up and I’m nervous as hell. I was able to book a flight and a room but I totally flaked on everything else. I told myself the most important thing is for me to be inside the theater when my movie plays in one for the first time.

Lots happened since I last posted. Someone I was excited about ended up jumping off the motion graphics treatments I had planned for the music video version of the chapter, Always Never, which feature the song, A Lesson In Trust. That simply meant that I had to do it all myself while getting everything else together. Luckily, I was able to figure out a scheme to get what I wanted done and, although it’s not as spiffy as I had hoped, I was able to incorporate something very important to me into the movie.

I planned on kinetic typography composite over the whole scene using fonts inspired from the writings of my best friend who killed himself last year. I had his diaries and was intrigued by his handwriting difference between his funny entries and his last few before he flipped the switch. I was able to add another dimension into the scene doing this and I was able to finish it on time for the screening submission.

Ryan Garcia, collaborator on the Spare Change comic book, had to take a step back to focus on his own projects so the release for that will be delayed. Meanwhile, I’ll be working on other chapters after I get back from the screening at Tucson.

Will Storkson really pulled through in doing a master pass on the film’s audio bed. The dialogue really needed some fixing and he was able to raise the intelligibility for theatrical release. Thank you, Will!!!!

Because of everything happening all at once, I missed a few things that was critical for marketing at Tucson. I had all the graphics ready but I forgot to place the order for the merchandise on time to receive them before I fly out. So, I’ll be showing up at the festival without shirts, posters, and stickers, but that’s okay. I’ll keep everyone updated on Instagram instead or something.

I also fell behind on the podcast episodes. I’m two episodes behind on editing but I will get them done soon. I did an interview with indie horror filmmaker, Phil Flores, and he had great insight to share. I also interviewed Ryan Garcia before he pivoted back to other projects. He had some good things to share too so I’ll be posting both the edited and long version.

The movie was entered into five more festivals worth noting. These are:

  • Berlin Revolution Film Festival, Berlin
  • California Music Video & Film Awards, San Francisco
  • South Texas Underground Film Festival, Corpus Christi
  • FAME International Music Film Festival, Paris
  • Cannes Film Awards, Cannes

I’ll be posting on Instagram stories during my trip to Tucson so add me there if you’re on Instagram.

Super anxious…

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