Film Festival Update – I’m Feeling Anxious

I wanted to quickly update everyone that the movie was submitted to five more festivals last Monday. The festivals are as follows:

  • LA Punk Film Festival
  • AltFF Film Festival
  • Austin Revolution Film Festival
  • Cult Movies International Film Festival
  • Toronto Independent Film Awards

The movie has now been submitted to a total of 20 film festivals and passed the requirements and qualifications for their consideration. Here are the total film festivals and their notification dates:

Total film festival submissions and notification dates.
Total Film Festivals Submissions and Notification Dates

I followed up with the first set of entries with the closest notification dates and sent them an email with the augmented movie poster and link to the new podcast. Toronto Independent wrote back with a thank you note and said that they will flag my submission. I was thrilled! I offered to send that person a free copy of the movie soundtrack but I hope it didn’t come off as a bribe attempt (which it was).

To support the festival entries, I’ve started on a targeted audience campaign in the cities where the festivals are happening. For my first round, I targeted New York City, Tucson, Toronto, and Berlin. Those ads are now in circulation on social media primarily in those cities to help generate some buzz. I also understand better now how important a street team is in promoting this movie. Similar to having a band, it’s important to continuously promote and hand out flyers, if you will, to convert people from ‘not knowing’ to ‘being interested’ and, eventually, ‘stage diving’ with an ‘autograph my man boobs please’ t-shirt.

The augmented movie posters will be a series of large prints intended for wall posts. These movie posters will trigger hidden ads and info when viewed with an AR viewer app, which can be downloaded via the QR code on the poster. Check it out!

Scan the QR code and download the Artivive app to view hidden messages.

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for the movie screening on September 20, 2021. Visit the site at and subscribe to the newsletter and receive phrase keys to unlock the movie on the screening date.

Another podcast episode and bonus materials coming this Friday! Stay tuned!!

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